Timeline of #AAID

10th May 2020 – AAID was founded

It was on this day where the owner and creator Henry Cheal officially founded Autism Awareness In Darts. Despite being around briefly for a few months prior, it became an even bigger development as the official Twitter account was created. On the first day the page reached 100 followers, which was an incredible feat for the page.

11th May 2020 – AAID Ambassadors Appointed

It was announced the day after that Henry needed people around him to spread awareness of autism. He started off by appointing Dan Booth (who is the founder of SoftTipCentralUK) as an ambassador. Overtime his role changed from a partnership to an ambassador role. Check out their business.

12th May 2020 – Sky Sports Commentator and Pundit Joins the #AAID Ambassadors

AAID took a huge step forward the following day as Henry contacted Sky Sports Commentator and Pundit Rod Studd about whether he would be interested in the role as an ambassador – he gladly joined the ambassador team and even offered to do a video!

17th May 2020 – A Leading Darts YouTuber Joins the Ambassador Team

Henry felt that AAID needed a YouTuber ambassador who would help raise awareness through the platform, therefore he snapped up The Darts Referee to join the rest of the ambassador team. The Darts Referee is a leading YouTuber channel when it comes to darts related content and growing at a rapid rate. Check his channel out and subscribe.

24th May 2020 – Welcome Aboard, The Edgar

After Henry discovered that Matthew Edgar‘s child had autism, he knew he had to get the man himself involved as an ambassador. Glady, he was up to the task of helping out. Just like The Darts Referee, he will be helping raise awareness of autism on his YouTube channel, EdgarTV.

28th May 2020 – Two New Members Join

Just under a week later Henry then approached two well known BDO/WDF players – the Isle of Man Open Champion and Sky Sports Commentator Laura Turner alongside the winner of five different events, Dave Parletti. Both gladly took on the offer of helping out to raise awareness of autism.

As well as this, AAID launched its first product – AAID stickers at 50p per sticker.

15th June 2020 – AAID’s 2nd Product

25th June 2020 – AAID Expands Overseas

The AAID Ambassador team has expanded to Germany as Sarah Milkowska has joined forces. Before hand she has actively been involved with the page, therefore Henry asked if she was interested in being an ambassador and she loved the idea of getting involved.

3rd October 2020 – AAID’s First Investor & Another Ambassador

It was a quiet few months for AAID in terms of adding members to the team until Henry approached an investor called Dartwolf. Dartwolf has helped AAID to the next level as he has helped Henry dramatically from a financial point of view and has helped Henry out by doing big AAID giveaways for his YouTube channel.

As well as this, Henry contacted darts journalist and radio show host Polly James about whether she would want to join the team of ambassadors. Polly gladly accepted the offer and now AAID have ambassadors from England, Wales and Germany.

October 2020 – More Ambassadors

The AAID ambassador team expanded even more in this month as Henry appointed the following people as ambassadors, which was announced altogether in October.

The new ambassadors that was announced were Ricky Broughton, Wayne Schofield, Clare Stringer, Ian Roberts and Jay Vargo. All these have helped raise awareness since the start of the cause and are now labelled as ambassadors.

17th October 2020 – AAID to Feature on TV

25th October 2020 – The Brand New AAID Shop

6th November 2020 – #AAID Logo On Tv

It was a groundbreaking day at AAID HQ as the logo featured in front of millions across the globe as Brazilian participant Bruno Rangel wore the patch at the World Cup of Darts.

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