Darting Figures

One of the most important parts of this project is to get well known darting figures behind this cause. Without them, it would be much more difficult and challenging when it comes to raising awareness in the sport we love. Since this cause’s inception, our ever growing team will be helping out where possible to raise awareness of autism in darts.

Our exclusive ambassador line-up varies from well known darts players, the sports journalists, pundits, darting officials and referees (all past or present).

So which darting figures are ambassadors?

Matthew Edgar

PDC Darts on Twitter: "IT'S A FAMILY THING! Matthew Edgar will be following  in family footsteps when he steps on stage @Yourallypally in the  @WilliamHill World Darts Championship - his Grandad competed

Rod Studd

Laura Turner

Laura Turner Cheque or Trophy - The Lakeside World Professional Darts  Championships - YouTube

Dave Parletti

Dave Parletti - Darts Podcast by The Darting Nerd Podcast on SoundCloud -  Hear the world's sounds

Polly James

Interview with Capital FM Star Polly James - Local Link Magazine

Sarah Milkowski

Sarah Milkowski (@SarahMilkowska) | Twitter

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