Autism Awareness In Darts Expands Overseas

It is with great pleasure to announce that Autism Awareness In Darts now has a new subsidiary – Autism Awareness In Darts USA.

Already appointed AAID Ambassador Jay Vargo will undergo this new role in leading AAID in America forward, where he will be focusing on autism awareness through the sport we all love that is darts from his country.

The USA is physically one of the biggest countries in the world, meaning that there will be millions of people who have autism or know someone who has it. This, alongside with Americans developing an ever growing interest in the game, it was a logical decision to form and create a subsidiary in raising awareness of autism.

Both Jay and I see massive potential in this and can see only positives with this project. This is the start of something big for autism awareness and AAID as a non-for-profit.

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