Three New AAID Ambassadors

2021 continues to be positive for AAID as the founder has brought in three new ambassadors to the team who all have one major thing in common – producing darts related content on YouTube.

The three new faces in question are LoveDartsUK, Neil’s Darts and High Roller Radio. They will be assisting the founder with promoting and representing AAID as a non-for-profit organisation via their respective YouTube channels.

Each of these three channels are proud to represent AAID and are behind the cause.

AAID now has seven YouTube channels who represent AAID, they are:

  1. The Darts Referee
  2. SoftTipCentralUK
  3. Dartwolf180
  4. LoveDartsUK
  5. High Roller Radio
  6. Neil’s Darts
  7. Matthew Edgar (Although his main job is being a professional dart player, so he comes under that bracket)

Statement From Founder

“I personally would like to welcome these three YouTubers to the team – they produce some fabulous darts related content and it is great to see that they feel honoured to be a part of the cause. It is important that we establish ourselves on YouTube platforms and we have seven of the biggest independent darts channels behind us. It is truly a great day for AAID in that aspect.” – Henry Cheal

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